Learn Why Now Is The Absolute Best Time for "Stay at Home Moms" to learn  CHALLENGES...

Your Hobby or Your Ministry can Become Your Dream Business... Right NOW!

 Learn What Successful AND Entry-Level Entrepreneur MOMS Are Doing Right Now To Launch, Grow, And Scale Their Dream Business During These Uncertain Times 

Dear Christian Mom who wants something MORE without sacrificing her family,

Less than one year ago, I was "just a stay at home mom".   I had been home for 14 years with my boys and honestly a little BORED...

Before I had kids, I had worked for a BIG company.  I made GREAT money (I actually made more $$$ than my husband?!)   But it was all-consuming... 

I worked all the time, travelled a lot, and knew that there was no way I could be the MOM I wanted to be and stay at that job.  So I quit and walked away from a career... and honestly, part of my IDENTITY.

I am blessed that I have LOVED being a mom!  So much more than I ever thought I would.  I love having the FREEDOM to get outside and PLAY with my kids.  I love having time to cook HEALTHY meals for my family.  I love that we TRAVEL and explore in our free time. And I love that when my husband gets home, it is FAMILY time.

But 14 years is a LONG TIME.  I have been ready for something MORE.  I have had a lot of friends GO BACK TO WORK, or become realtors, or start blogs, or join MLMs.  None of them were the right fit for me  UNTIL...

I saw this random FACEBOOK AD at the start of the pandemic.  For a FREE 30-day challenge.  Pedro was calling out entrepreneurs, and I did not feel like one.  But as I read his AD, it spoke to my soul...

In the FREE challenge, Pedro showed up everyday and taught me what it meant to be a Kingdom Entrepreneur.  He talked about the dreams in our hearts and the unique skills we have, along with the people that we LOVE to serve and that are WAITING for what we have.  Pedro taught me that a Kingdom Entrepreneur just SOLVES PROBLEMS FOR MONEY and provides way more value than what they charge.  So simple.  

And with CHALLENGES, you can go find your people that you LOVE and SERVE them better than anyone else does and then offer them what they WANT and NEED.  You can do this with no money or very LITTLE money and START a business or SCALE an existing business extremely fast.  From start to finish.   With just a smartphone or a computer.

I saw the power of the TECHNOLOGY.  I saw God REDEEMING FACEBOOK by bringing people together to serve and love and creating a POSITIVE COMMUNITY that encourages and inspires one another.  I saw Pedro teaching us MOTIVATED people how to START or GROW a business with very LITTLE RISK.

So, I jumped in!  I joined his 100x community and later joined his Crush It With Challenges community.   I had no business at all, no email list at all, and within 3 months, I had designed and run my FIRST CHALLENGE, helping Christian Moms Save Money.  I spent very little on Facebook Ads.... and more than DOUBLED my money.  In one week!?!   From my home.  With equipment I already had.  

I ran 2 more challenges, one a month.  I ended up with 777 on my brand new email list.  Over 100 women that engaged with my challenges, and 13 that joined my 3 months of paid mentoring.   

Pedro's challenge framework is simple, FLEXIBLE and works.  It brought me the ladies I was MADE to serve and got them more BREAKTHROUGH faster than most of the ladies I served in 10 years of ministry...

I have since become a Certified 100x Coach for Pedro and am partnering with him in his Certified Challenge Consulting program.  I have grown more in ONE YEAR than in 14 years of staying home.  I have met some of the most BRILLIANT and FUN people from all over the WORLD that have become FAMILY to me.  

And I cannot wait for you to EXPERIENCE the power of a challenge FOR YOURSELF.  For Free. Within a private Facebook Group.  Using just your phone or computer.

Hit the button below and I will let you know when the next Challenge is available.  I will also reach out to talk with you about an opportunity to  run your own challenges. 

I cannot wait to meet you and see you succeed,

- no longer "just a stay at home mom" -

Your Mentors

Pedro Adao

- THE CHALLENGE GUY, running 47 profitable challenges in a row
- 8- Figure Entrepreneur: From $0 sales online in 2018 scaled to over $10 Million a year in sales in 2020  
- Proven Movement Maker,  starting TWO Industry-Leading Movements in less than 3 years.  100x Academy, the #1 Training Program and Community for Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Crush It With Challenges, the #1 Training Program and Community to start, grow, or scale any business online.
-  6 time Clickfunnels Two-Comma Club & Two- Comma Club X Winner

Laura Wardlaw

-  Certified 100x Coach
- Challenge Consultant Partner with Pedro
- Official Crush It With Challenges Affiliate
- Debt-free millionaire by age 35
- BS in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University
- Former High School Math Teacher
- Former Trainer and Manager of IT Communications at EOG Resources
- Mom of two boys, ages 10 and 14 , and wife of 20 years

Stephen and Chelsey

They were struggling trying to sell their Amazon course before they met Pedro and began using his Challenge Model...

They have now run THREE "7-figure challenges" IN A ROW (that means over a million dollars in EACH challenge).  They have started a movement of their own helping hundreds of stay-at-home parents build online businesses in the past year.

Olivia Anderson

Olivia, or "Coach Livi" as she's affectionately called, was a homeless mother living in her car...

She found her breakthrough adopting Pedro's innovative Challenge Model and has earned over $300,000 from challenges in the past 9 months.  She has created a movement of her own.

Maya Camerota

(pictured with me at the Certified Challenge Consultant Training last month)

Maya ran her "Born For This" 3-Day Challenge and earned over $250,000.  She followed that up with a Live Event to High Ticket Offer and earned $661,000 for her first challenge!

Maya is a Movement Maker with even more to come!


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